An Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Investing in the hiring process is an investment in your business- a lot of us might come up with the question- How? Most of us are reluctant to invest in the recruiting function as we think that we won’t earn anything by investing in this particular function.

On the other hand expectations are quite high from the hiring department- expectation to hire the best candidate from that huge pool of applicants. Well, that is not a bad aspiration to hire the best- as a “company is all about its people”. But if the hiring process is not perfect than this aspiration is going to remain an aspiration. The race to hire the best in this competitive world has compelled every employer to make strategic plans to invest in the recruiting process.

Making simple adjustments in the hiring process can impact a candidate’s impression of your employer recruitment brand. Below mentioned are some simple tips – try making these simple adjustments throughout your hiring processes and see how it impacts the candidate’s impression on your employer’s brand.

Being Responsive to the Candidates is the Top Priority:

How often your candidates have to follow up with you continuously to get the feedback or an update. This is one of the awful practice most of the recruiters do.

In my previous article, we have spoken about the repercussions of an Unresponsive Recruiter and how it impacts the candidates. If you really want to attract good candidates then please do respond to the candidates – last by the time you promised you will respond.

Create An FAQ Section On Your Careers Page of Your Website:

FAQ’s section is a life saver- you can create the list of questions that you generally receive from the candidates, because of which you leave the phone bell ringing and are tired of answering the same questions again and again. Other than a solution to answering the same questions again and again – there are other good benefits of having an FAQ’s section in the company website, like you save a lot of time and it shows transparency.

Information like -available part-time and full-time vacancies, internship programs available, what is your hiring process? Etc. are answered automatically in an effective manner.

Be Prepared to Interview Your Candidates

Can you quickly walk me through your resume?

This looks like an easy question to start the conversation but here you have given the impression that you haven’t prepared well for the interview. The resume which was with you prior to the meeting you didn’t even look at it. The best candidates will research well before applying for a position in your company as well as the opening. In that kind of a scenario if you look unprepared may give them a wrong impression about the organization as well as the company culture.

For a better outcome, it is important that you read the resume thoroughly and ask specific questions regarding the resume. Also, showcasing that you already know what is mentioned in the resume would showcase you as a humble and warm person who is comforting the candidate.

Get Feedback from Candidates

Feedbacks are very important to help you improve and become more effective – whether in your personal life or professional life. In the recruitment process, the candidates are your clients and it is important to know what they feel about your recruiting process. There will be of course different types of views and you don’t have to act on all. Just review the feedbacks and analyze if the feedbacks shared actually needs an action. And if the majority of the candidates are sharing similar feedbacks may be its time to rethink your hiring process. 

Pro-Actively Follow Up the Previous Candidates

Depending on the required position at hand and the industry patterns, the required sources for attracting candidates can be defined; be it social media, job boards, some specialized portals etc. In fact, technology has increased the sourcing options manifold with recruitment platforms and applications. Referrals are one of the popular ways to attract the best available talent.

But now because you have such a huge pool of resources you may get more potential candidates than you need. What do you do then? Let them go? What if in a month or two you have the indent raised again – will you again source new candidates?

Well, instead of just letting them go like that you can stay in touch with them by sending communications like newsletters about your organization and whenever there is an opening you can you can directly pitch them rather than getting into the new sourcing process – this will save you effort, time and money.

We all understand the cost of a bad hire and to make sure you don’t hire a bad candidate – new and innovative strategies for recruiting are required from time to time.

Hiring requires strategy, along with directed efforts. Introduce objectives, broaden sources and collect relevant data; that’s the mantra for success.


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