Eva Leung

More about Eva
Eva is enthusiastic and passionate about the fusion of technology together with behavioral psychology and big data, and excited about where it will take shape in the future. She is delighted to be collaborating with such talented people in such an innovative environment and looks forward to seeing how this platform will be a game changer in group dynamics as well as in different departments to speed up efficiency in processes.

Eva has worked for 15+ years in the media/marketing field, helping execute hundreds of tv/film/commercial productions and industrial training videos. Many of the markets she has helped to serve are diverse and she has production coordinated, assisted across departments and has also participated in many corporate team building engagements as well. Trade shows, conferences, and events were frequently part of the strategy and repertoire of many of her clients and many have been Fortune 500 companies. The industries have spanned sectors such as technology, pharmaceutical, automotive, yachting, hospitality etc.