TalentFit for Recruiting

Ensure hiring for culture fit and long-term success by matching candidates for predictive performance, based on fit with team culture, the hiring manager, and existing high performers.

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Talent Fit Comparison

Eliminate subjectivity in the hiring process

Hire the right people for the right role, leveraging the most powerful behavioral science that exists

  • Match new or internal candidates
  • Not only for skills (resume, know-how), but also for predictive success based on "fit" with the company's corporate culture, group/team fit, and/or hiring manager fit.
  • Save countless hours in the filtering and interview process
  • Compare candidates against each other or against the hiring manager

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Create custom ideal profiles which hiring managers can recruit and benchmark against

For companies that have several high performers in one role, you can leverage the platform to aggregate their behavioral science data and create a high performer profile. This high performer profile can be the basis for creating an ideal profile for the role, which should reflect your needs to achieve optimal performance for your team.

  • As the hiring manager, you can recruit and benchmark against the ideal profile, saving countless hours in the filtering and interview process.
  • Hiring for culture fit creates engagement and results in predictive success. This is a practice that is only used in 6% of the hiring process today, as most just hire for technical skills based on a resume review (62%), or simply on behavioral interviews (32%). Although the latter two are the easiest and quickest factors to measure in the hiring process, they are not an accurate indicator of high performance as much as the cultural fit is.

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Talent Fit Ideal Profile
Talent Fit Comparison

Multi-dimensional fit factors give a deeper understanding of the candidate’s true potential and predictive success in the role

Determining cultural fit is complex, but we make it easy through AI and talent analytics to help you evaluate a candidate’s fit with the hiring manager, the team, an ideal profile for the position and with high performers.

  • Leverage the analytics engine to measure each candidate’s behavioral profile against four fit factors to determine best culture fit
  • Evaluate candidates based on your decision criteria for the role: For example, are you looking for similar traits or complementary ones? Are there gaps in your team culture that you are looking to fill?
  • Understand the implications of fit factors in aggregate and use them in combination to make your selections. For instance, high similarity to the hiring manager but opposite to the ideal profile should be a big red flag

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