The HR’s Guide to Poaching the Right Candidate without Being Extravagant

hire right candidate

The success of any organization is heavily dependent on its workforce. So, being an HR professional, it becomes your utmost priority to hunt the best talent. Hiring talented and enthusiastic professionals cannot just improve your business productivity, they can also enhance the positivity and energy in your office. But in today’s highly competitive environment, attracting the right talent is not a plain-sailing task in light of the fact that professionals have got many options to choose from. So, sometimes HR managers have to spend a lot of money on sourcing suitable candidates. Well, recruitment is a costly affair that eats up a major chunk of the operational cost. And, it is estimated that hiring budgets of the company will increase speedily in the coming years. No matter whatever be your demand for quality professionals, hiring has not to be an expensive affair, if you follow a strategic approach for the same.  Here we have shared some tips for building a highly productive team without spending a big budget on recruitment. Take a look:

  • Create an amazing career website

The career website of a company is the best medium to source talented professionals. As per a data, about sixty-four percent of job seekers consider career pages as a valuable resource during their job search. Companies can go a long way in creating a steady stream of new applications by creating a career page that gives an in-depth view of company’s work culture, USPs as an organization, recommendation from existing employees, along with job openings. Furthermore, if they integrate the career website with Application Tracking System, then it becomes easier to manage the selection process.

  • Turn employees into recruiters

Your existing employees are the best sources of hiring. You may ask them to refer their friends. This will certainly increase your reach to potential candidates. However, if you realize that your existing staff demands bonus or incentives for this purpose, then you may try another idea. In that case, instead of having a formal employee referral program, you can directly approach the top performers in each department, and ask them to recommend some talented individuals for a particular opening. Most high-potential staff will love to propose their colleagues to join their company.

  • Source from internal candidates

There are various important positions within an organization that need to be handled by a trusted employee. In that case, it’s best to look for candidates from within the organization. One way to find out talented employees for the vacant position is conducting open internal interviews. You can also extend an opportunity to a staff member who is working since long if his track record vouch for his good performance. Well, in this way you will certainly save on hiring. And, as the internal employee will demand less salary than an outsider, you will also save on operational cost.

  • Recruit former employees

You can always consider rehiring employees who had left your company in the past for greener pastures. If the staff had developed a good impression of your organization while working there, then he/she can come back. However, in that case, make sure that you offer an attractive salary package. This simple idea will certainly go a long way in ensuring recruitment of proven talent, without being a spendthrift.

  • Reach passive candidates by posting jobs on social media

Sometimes, suitable candidates escape the HR manager’s reach because they already have a job. Social recruiting can help you reach such candidates who are not looking for a new opportunity but may opt for a job change in the future. You can target such prospective candidates by sending home feeds that will encourage them to apply for the position. When it comes to social media recruitment, you need to have a strong strategy at hand and make sure that the contents that you post will create a good impression on the individual’s mind. Even if you are not filling any specific positions at the moment, connecting with talented people on social media can benefit your business and your hiring team later on.

With these tips in mind, you can certainly go a long way in cutting the cost of hiring. Apart from this, we suggest you adopt the latest recruitment software as they will simply the entire task and improve the chances of hiring the right people. We the team of human-telligence has a dedicated team of technical experts that have already helped hundreds of companies across the world to enhance their recruitment process and accomplishing challenging hiring.

Three Biggest Social Media Recruiting Mistakes That You Should Avoid at Any Cost

Social Media Mistake

In recent years, the vast stretch of social media has transformed the way we do businesses. From generating sales, managing clients to creating huge databases, it has facilitated many managerial roles. For HR professionals, it has proven to be a powerful tool for attracting high-quality talent and recruiting them. They are using various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise job openings and communicate with interested candidates. It won’t be untrue to say that hiring via social media is an amazing way to engage both active and passive job-seekers. But it still presents many challenges in view of the fact that all your competitive counterparts are looking to poach high performers and influencers more than ever before. Keeping this competitive scenario in mind, it’s crucial for businesses to come up with a strategic and well-organized recruiting plan before jumping into the game. Otherwise, they might make some dreadful mistakes which may cost money, the company’s reputation, and ultimately, the opportunity to reach top recruits. In this blog, we’ve broken down the three biggest social recruiting mistakes that you might be making and suggested the best way to avoid them. Take a look:

  1. Not making an authentic connection

Anyone who is trying the hand at media recruiting is competing with a vast community of global leaders. Thus, it’s important to fight for a place in professionals’ home feed. But that’s not enough to make them tick for your job opening and get them hired. At this point, you need to understand that in this talent-oriented world, candidates have become equivalent to consumers. Thus, you need to develop a competitive advantage that will motivate professionals to join your company. The biggest mistake that most HR managers make during social media recruitment is that they only rely on the use of social feeds and do not make any effort to connect with prospective talent. This might result in getting a few applications, but in long run, it’s not going to bear any fruit. But again focusing only on posting ads, might upset the candidates and they may block your social media posts. Well, your success as a social recruiter lies in making authentic connections; instead of just broadcasting open roles. So, try to open up a dialogue or start a new relationship with the target group of individuals. When doing so, avoid sending a generic message to everyone; rather, establish a one-on-one connection. This will certainly develop a positive impression on the candidate’s mind and they are more likely to apply down the line.

  1. Not having good content to share

Social recruiting is a time-consuming process, so it’s important to keep the candidates engaged. In this context, you cannot compromise on posting regular, high-quality content to your social media channels. Publishing relevant and appealing feeds can help you attract a broad audience of relevant candidates and achieve real results. When used correctly, they can highlight your company culture, engage users and promote your employer brand.

 On the other hand, sharing fake or misleading content can have a devastating impact on your company’s reputation. Thus, having an effective content strategy is inevitable. Here are a few major considerations in this regard:

  • There are certain questions in mind of every candidate who is looking forward to applying in your company. You can post some informative content illustrating day-to-day life at your company. It will help them gauge the company culture.
  • Try sharing a mixture of infographics and videos. Think about the kinds of content that would appeal to the candidates you’re trying to attract, and share it from your social channels to build a following of relevant talent.

Content sharing can let your prospective candidates know that there is a real face behind the social profiles. This will, in turn, encourage them to take a look into your employer brand.

  1. Focusing on quantity not quality

Some HR specialists use consistent videos and content posting as a way to stand out to candidates. They try to block out competitors in individuals’ home feed and stay in their mind. But this strategy won’t work unless they have an original and well-written content to churn out. In case the quality of content is not up to the mark, then you are putting your employer reputation at stake. Thus, it’s more effective to post less to your social media profiles, but that should create a good impression of your company. Thus, before you share anything, ask yourself: “Is this something that I would like reading, commenting on, reading or share on social media?” Remember a high-quality post will significantly increase your company’s social reach, and introduce you to new candidates.

These were only a handful of mistakes that you might commit while social media recruiting and there are a lot more in the list that our highly-proficient engineers can help you analyze. But most importantly, we would like to tell you that a lot of success in social recruiting comes down to being responsive. So, carve out time each and every day to react and respond to queries, opportunities, and interests as they arise. If you can’t make this commitment, there’s a real danger that your social recruiting activities backfire on you. On a final note, we suggest you arm yourself with the latest HR recruiting software to simplify the entire process and hunt the best talent for your company.

Human Resource Prespective While Recruiting

HR Prespective

HR officials go through a lot of pain to find the right candidate for a particular requirement. Let’s discuss the perspective of two individuals who work in the same field but have a different approach to the same requirement. The success or failure of a company initially lies on the HR as they are the ones who venture out in the market in search of the best hirable candidate in the market.

Let’s shed some light on the various viewpoints of HR related queries or issues that an HR executive faces in their line of work.


There is a team of HR executives who have a requirement of hiring 200 employees for a process in which they need people with different abilities for the process to work smoothly and start yielding a profit for the company soon.

(The requirements remains the same in both the scenarios)


1 Voice-based people

2 IT people

3 Team leader

4 Floor manager

5 Process manager

If we look at the requirements we can easily understand that we would require people with the different skill set to be able to fill in the vacancies in the company. Now the HR individual gets a line up ready for the interviews. The process of hiring starts by calling a group of people and gives them a topic for group discussion. The group starts to debate, while this process is on The HR executive shortlists few people out of the group for the next round.

Now, this seems like a simple process but it is way more complicated than it looks. The process starts by shortlisting and then analyzing by looking at the CV’s to see which profile is adequate to the prerequisite

Then they contact the candidate for another round of interview to analyze the skill sets by assessing them on a one to one basis, which means that we have to invest more time in this activity. The HR executive needs to ask job title specific questions to understand the skill set of the candidate, once the HR executive has interviewed the applicant then they shortlist the candidates depending on their skill set. The next round could be a one on one round with the candidate, which many people would say is really important. But as there as two faces to every coin, the disadvantage in this scenario is that the HR official could get biased after meeting the candidate due to his personal assumptions or factors that affect him.

We need to understand that earlier we didn’t have the convenience of today’s technology and this was the only way to take interviews.


There is a team of HR executives who have a requirement of hiring 200 employees for a process in which they need people with different abilities for the process to work smoothly and start yielding a profit for the company soon.

(The requirements remains the same in both the scenarios)


1 Voice-based people

2 IT people

3 Team leader

4 Floor manager

5 Process manager

The HR executive gets the requirement to hire candidates for a new process but this team uses a software to shortlist the first tier of candidates depending on a psychological analysis by using the software. The online test takes approximately 15 minutes for the candidate to complete. Once the analysis is done the HR goes on the online site and gets a detailed report of all the candidates with the section wherein the online tests reveal the most intricate details about the candidate. Just imagine the delight of the HR executive that time, money and resources all saved by just one addition in the workplace and that too a click away.


Technology can improve your company’s efficiency and decrease human error by developing automated processes. It improves the process of screening, recruiting and hiring new employees. Targeted candidates will be in the position to apply for these positions online by submitting their resumes to the human resource manager.  Information Technology has multiplied their abilities to process all sorts of information accurately and with lightning fast speed. It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before and so in a sense it is all about potential. (-Steve Balmer)





5 Essential Things to Know About Recruiting for Newbie


Actually, the term ‘Recruiting’ is a professional or office-appropriate word for what I used to call ‘head-hunting’.  No doubt, it is a challenging job.  But it is a great job to have,  once you get command over it. If you are a newbie, getting the things is a long way off. Recruiting field is vast and as a newbie, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Here are five top most important things you should know to become a pro.

  1. You need to know real people

The whole concept of recruiting is based on how well you get into the real world. The best recruiters are those who are interested in meeting new and real people. Knowing and learning about them are some essential part of building a network of real people. If you are a solitary creature, it will be difficult for you survive in the world of recruiting. Improve your connections with real people.

  1. You have to help

Hiring candidates is a recruiters job but apart from hiring, his/her job includes taking care of the hired employees, helping them in knowing their job etc. The most important job of a recruiter is to place the right candidate at the right job position.

  1. You should use technical tools

Technology is helping us in every field. As a recruiter, it is very important for you to follow the latest trends in recruiting. For example, you can seek help  AI-based self-assessment tool to analyze candidates’ technical and other skills. The tool also helps you in judging candidates’ behavior and work ethics.

  1. You should be a social butterfly

I already stated above, if you like to work alone and don’t like to make new connections, recruiting is not a great profession for you. To sustain in this industry you must be a social butterfly. You have to build a huge network of contacts.

  1. You should be genuine

You should be genuine. It is one of the most important characters you must possess. You have to genuinely appreciate, have affection and enjoy with co-workers.

The hiring profession is simply a lifestyle more than a prominent job. One needs to understand this if he/she wants to make a bright career in recruitment.

So, friends, these are some of the essential things you must know if you are planning to build a career in recruiting.  All the best guys!