How Growth of AI Impacts HR And Recruitment?

AI Recruitment Software

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise and is in high demand these days. In fact, many times we asked ourselves,  “could our job will be taken by the robot?” Isn’t it? Frankly speaking, last night I had a bad dream.  I saw when I reached the office,  my boss introduce me to a newly purchased Robot and said, Mr. We don’t need you anymore, we hired this Robot in place of you. It is fully automatic and understands things better than you. And the best part is, it will never ask me for a leave. So, you are fired!

Huff! what a nightmare. I got up from bed in fear.

Well, this is not going to happen. Do you know why? Because emotions, feelings and a sense of self-understanding is something that these AI robots can’t compete with us. So, human will be needed always especially when it comes to recruitment.

According to a report, 70 percent of recruiters find it is more easy for them to hire candidates if they have more driven-data and the advancement in technology and AI is a perfect solution to this need. Lets’ s see what are the roles of AI in recruitment and how it will help both recruiters and candidates.

  • It helps in reaching more potential candidates: Reaching potential candidates is just like climbing Mt. Everest- very difficult. Thanks to AI, it helps recruiters to gather all the required information about the candidates. There are a lot of tools which gather candidates information by driving data from their social profiles. Additionally, the driven-data is first-party data that is real and reliable.
  • It helps candidates to find better opportunities: The process of searching and applying for a job is very long. Candidates have to wait for a response from recruiters and this may take a long time. There are several AI based services available where candidates can register themselves and get calls from reputed organizations.
  • It will help businesses to keep track of employees behavior: It is always great to know how well your employees behave in the office. It is an important point that needs to be monitor regularly. AI helps employers to keep a record of employees behavior and patterns. There is such a tool by Humantelligence that helps recruiters to know the there social behavior of the candidates.

So, friends, these are some of the ways by which AI is impacting recruiting world. But again, it is not going to take over your job. They are human, that is the biggest advantage for us! 🙂

Hello, My Name is- Bad Hire!

Today, when I reached the office, and turn on my laptop for work, I found something interesting. No, it was not Christmas wishes. It was a pop-up with a smiling emoji along with a note’ “Hello you, my name is Bad Hire”. I got stuck and for the next five minutes, I was in deep thought thinking about what it was. ‘A bad hire’ what was it really mean? After a little research, I got the answer.

Well, the answer was quite shocking. The pop-up actually was a warning about the bad hiring I had made. This was something which makes me think what were the reasons and why I hired some bad guys in my company. When I do a little more research on this I felt relaxed because I was not alone on the boat. According to research, 74 percent of employers have hired wrong candidates for a position.

Now the question is, what are the reasons behind it? What makes it for a bad hiring? Here I would like to explain some of the reasons for that shocking message.

Reason #1: I only focused on skills, not on attitude

This was one of the greatest mistakes I was making. I always checked candidates who possessed great skills and knowledge. For me, this was the first and foremost priority. But later, I came to know there is a more important factor apart from skills and that is the candidate’s attitude. No matter, how good he/she is in a job if one possess a bad attitude then the knowledge is of no use. In simple words, attitude and behavior of the candidates’ matters a lot.

Analyzing technical skills and knowledge while interviewing candidate is easy but knowing his attitude and behavior is very difficult. And perhaps, this was the reason why I always missed to check a candidate’s attitude. I know,  you are eager to know what makes it possible for me to troubleshoot this problem. Let me explain,  there is a tool called self-assessment tool which makes it possible. I hope few of you are already aware of it. It is an AI-based pre-assessment tool which gives recruiters complete insights of candidates by analyzing their skills, behavior, and work-ethics before calling them for an interview. Isn’t it great to know about candidates before interviewing them? Definitely, it is.

Reason #2: The candidate lied about his talent

This was another reason why I failed in good hiring. I believed in what candidates’ resume says. I never tried to analyze the truth. Well, not everyone is going to be honest while compiling a resume. There is a lot of lies in it. Before going to call them for an interview, take some time and verify the information they have mentioned in the resume. Make sure they are as qualified as their resumes reflect. Verify their college, address, professional certifications and everything which is possible.

Reason #3: I forget about social media

Social media has a great power. Apart from making social connections,  it helps you to build your marketing strategies and carry your business in forwarding path (if use it wisely). Now you are thinking, Okay! it is good to know social media helps in building a business but how it will help me in hiring good candidates, right?  It can tell you lot about the candidates if you check their profiles. Many big companies are doing this, they check candidates’ connections, what they are posting and sharing etc. and based on this research they make a report of a candidate. This is a great way to know about the candidates’ nature, attitude, and their thoughts on different matters. Believe me, it is really an interesting way of analyzing candidates.

Reason #4: I hired friends and family

It is good to promote your friends and family members but at the same time, it will cost you a lot. During the struggling days of my business, I need help and support and I reflexively hired my friends and cousins. I also gave them respective positions regardless of their qualification. This was the beginning of my bad hiring.  But it was too late when I understood the things. I am not saying hiring friends and known ones is a bad practice but only hire them if they possess the required skills. Otherwise, say a ‘Big No” to them. Let them make their face it doesn’t matter, after all, it is your business, it is you who has to suffer.

So, friends, this is my story and I don’t want anyone to face the same situation I faced. Always try to hire the best. Analyze their skills and knowledge and at the same time their attitude and behavior. Always remember, you can improve candidates’ skill but changing their attitude is very difficult.  Saves yourself from a cheering pop up from a ‘Bad Hire’.

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Need of an Automation Apparatus in Recruiting process

AI in HR

An Automation apparatus refers to the all in one platform recruiters can use to handle all the time consuming task in the recruiting process. This role is filled with the help of a Recruiting Software, which allows the recruiter to hire better candidates with the help of the features they provide.

Is it really necessary?

Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” –Bill Gates

Implementing the use of automated processes (Recruiting software) affect the recruitment process greatly. It reduces a lot of time consuming work of manual labour and increase the efficiency in the business.

Automated systems are helping recruiters on every turn. Enabling the recruiters to access the talent pool as big as the globe. It helps them to find the desired talent from anywhere in the world. They can be miles apart but still can find each other. The HR professionals can work together even if they are in different time zones.

According to researchers, the increase in the Human resource management in industries and the increase the following years will bring in HRM, is huge. So it is safe to say that we do need a platform that will help us in increasing our efficiency.

Types of automation apparatus

“Governance allows organizations to…achieve unprecedented automation.”-Dick Taylor

As the two sides of a coin the HR department also handles two sides of an organisation at a time.

The client side is handled with the help of a Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool, in which the HR department handles all the in-house jobs of an organisation for example, sales or transactions etc.

And the role of building a bridge between the HR department and the talent (job seeker) is done by Human Resource Management (HRM) tool. There are different number of HRMs available in the market. Some of the “MUST HAVE” features in an HRM are as follows:

  • Open vacancy management;
  • Ability to find new talent;
  • Tracing the hiring process of the candidates;
  • Work analysis of recruiters to generate Key Performance Indicator (KPI), etc.;

What does an HRM do to the recruiting process?

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.” -Eliyahu Goldratt

Automating the hiring process gives you certain perks. The recruiting software creates a database of the all the candidates who have applied for the job from job boards. This database can have different keys like, soft skills, hard skills, experience in the desired field and many more. This allows the recruiter to conveniently arrange the list of candidates according to their own requirements.

Some recruiting software are designed with such features where they can also get the idea of the candidate’s psyche with the help of assessment test. Integrated with artificial intelligence, this type of software can also do a deep social analysis of candidates and their social skills. This an extremely helpful feature which help recruiters mark down hundreds of resumes to only preferred candidates in one go, and saves a lot of time.

There are many more ways in which automation affects recruiting process.

From posting a job to maintaining interview schedules also creating a strategy for a better work environment in the organization. There are various features offered by different Automated systems.

In conclusion, the automation of hiring process gives the HR department the power to lead the organisation from a disordered environment to an environment of progress.


Departments Talent Acquisition Should Partner With

partnership in HR

Together we can do so much and alone we can do so little”.

So true it is but as far as hiring is considered – it has always been the ‘HR thing’. In an organization, there are a lot of departments that work in Silos and they like it that way. But it is important to break the Silos and work together else it will be difficult to achieve the company Goals unless we break the Silos.

Collaboration is very important in today’s world where every team is spread out across the country. There is a dependency in between the teams and one team must complete the task so that the other team can start working – and if the quality is compromised the other team will suffer. The only solution here is collaboration – once we share the best practices and difficulties other teams suffer, every department as a group will come together to hit the goal.

Let’s find out what are the other departments the Talent Acquisition team should be closely working with:


The marketing team is responsible for the employer branding – while most of us might think it is only for getting new customers and focus on generating revenues. But don’t forget that if you want to hire good employees they will also come and join you because of your branding

What if you get an offer from Google or Amazon – would you reject it or happily take it? Generally speaking, people will happily take it. The biggest reason is when you think about these big companies you already have some idea how it will be for working for these companies. This is employee branding and it is done with a strategy depending on the type of the talent you want to attract.

I think we have a fair idea now why Marketing and talent acquisition should work together. They need to work together on the language and content which the HR function can use while hiring. Generally, this function will not have content writer within their team and taking help can be really beneficial. They can work together on the current positioning of the company and accordingly write the content -Something that people really want to work with your organization.


This function may not have that direct link with the talent acquisition team. But the sales department rules revenue and a company grow due to revenue only. The sales team can help you with the facts and figures and what the company can do in future.

The recruitment team also has to be aligned with the company’s goal.

The business is rooted in sales. And that’s the reason talent acquisition professionals should talk to the sales department and understand:

  • How do we sell?
  • Who buys?
  • What differentiates us?
  • What do we say about ourselves in the market?
  • What are our quotas goals?
  • What types of people sell this product the best?


Every organization and function today needs tech support. IT is an integral part of any organization. AI has entered recruitment also. Talent Acquisition team can collaborate with IT for software implementation, data collection and access and security and privacy issues.

Customer success

For the Talent Acquisition function employees are internal customers and that way if they adopt the idea of ‘customers first’ it will really help them to succeed in their as well as company’s goal. The Talent Acquisition can interact with the customer success functions to understand and learn best practices such as:

  • Contextualizing the consumer journey
  • Important touchpoints
  • Platforms they respond on
  • Communication approaches

Collaborating with these teams can really help the Talent Acquisition to get the top talent.