Major Problems Faced By Recruiters

The dynamic technology, aging population, and changing social and economic landscape has a big impact on the recruiters. They have to revolutionize their hiring strategies, to stay in line with the environmental changes.

The following are the major concerns faced by recruiters:

  • Finding the right candidates: Often, the new hires leave the job within a year of joining, increasing the costs and questions on capabilities of the recruiters. Another case would be, that the hires are not qualified enough to handle the tasks at hand.


  • Balancing time and quality: Getting right potential candidates in less time is another challenge faced by the recruiters. There are high chances that good candidates may get attracted to the competitors, leaving your positions vacant- again.


  • Shortage of available talent: Candidates with calibre are hard to find and they do not sustain for long with an organization. Though the world has number people looking for a job change but not necessarily all of them are qualified for the particular job opening. Another challenge could be lack of good communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Adopting old recruitment strategies: Many organizations still follow the old traditional methods of recruitment and do not have a proper recruitment strategy in place. They recruit on an ad-hoc basis as in when there is an indent. Without maintaining a good database so resources that can help you get rid of the tedious sourcing job.

We have discussed the problems of a recruiter but, as they say, every lock has a key same way every problem has a solution. Technology has come a long way to rescue us from these issues. Recruiting Softwares like Humantelligence can help you resolve all these problems.

Be it self-assessment, creating candidate profiles, applicant tracking system, cultural fit analytics, team coach, action management system, etc., it has customized solutions for every aspect.

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