Solutions for Talent Acquisition

The most important innovation since the resume™.

The most important innovation since the resume™. Use our revolutionary Culture Fit and Talent Fit recruiting platform using Artificial Intelligence to match candidates quicker and for better fit with your company’s culture

Streamline 80% of the interview process

Basically eliminating phone screens and video interviews, and getting you straight to the final candidates.

Automate cultural fit assessing

Select candidates for better fit with your client’s culture and for the role you are filling (aka “emotional intelligence”, or EQ), which leads to much better predictive performance than relying on only resume / skills /experience (aka, the “IQ”).

Select new hires faster

Get better insights, better results, better engagement, better retention, and deliver long-term value to your organization! Become a trusted “Advisor” to the business stakeholder and hiring managers, not just a transactional fill-the-role recruiter sending resumes.

Eliminate 90% of the subjectivity of interviews

Where people have unconscious bias to hire people like themselves. Hiring should not be “speed dating” to find similarities, but fit with what behaviors, motivators, and work styles are best for the role and/or team.

Human-telligence Products tailored for Talent Acquisition

Self Assessment

Self Assessment

An online personality short scan that uncovers the why, how and what about people when it comes to work, in order to improve team building, communication and self-awareness.

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TalentFit Recruiting

Talent Fit

A solution that allows recruitment firms and corporate HR departments to streamline their recruiting processes, reducing subjectivity when hiring and cloning high performers for the desired role thanks to our powerful A.I and behavioral science base.

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Culture Analytics

Culture Analytics

Allows companies to measure and understand their true corporate culture; thus, drive performance and culture alignment thanks to a broader understanding of their workforce. It’s also an ideal solution for M&As and the challenges they bring along by merging different company cultures.

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