Only 13% of the global workforce is engaged.

Over a decade of studies by Gallup, McKinsey, Bain, Blue Ocean Group, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and others agree: low employee engagement is the #1 most pervasive problem facing business leaders and employees around the globe. It costs companies $500 billion annually in lost productivity.

79% of leaders admit they have
an employee engagement problem.

Business and human resources leaders want to maximize employee engagement for competitive advantage. After all, employees are the face to the customer and the key to revenue growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, product quality, and harmony in the workplace. Every under-performing operating metric is a symptom, and low engagement is a root cause more than any other single problem.

Only 10% of organizations know what to do about
their employee engagement problem.

Employee engagement is a complex issue, and the evidence is clear: the most expensive human resources, talent management, learning and assessment systems of the past decade have done little to solve the problem.

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