3 Signs That Indicate Your HR Recruitment Software Has Outdated


‘There is Nothing permanent except change’– An old Proverb

Well, I too agree. How one can forget the downfall of ‘Nokia’ – a giant mobile manufacturer? Although Nokia’s mobile phones were very user-friendly, easy to operate, and of course nothing can beat when it comes to durability. But still, they lost the market. And do you wonder why? They failed in updating themselves. When competitors were offering android platforms, Nokia was still using the old platform (Symbian). And it was very late when Nokia realized its mistake.

As your business grows, you will have to come up with the latest and updated resources and systems to sustain. There is no wrong in saying that, employees are the strongest pillars of any organization. HR system, that manages employees will need to become more stable and structured.

Many of us have already implemented several types of HR recruitment software to keep pace with the evolving trends and technologies. But do you really think only implementing a mere software is everything we needed? No, it is only the battle half won. The next half is updating the software with current demand and latest possible features.

Here I am going to mention 3 signs that indicate you need to change your HR software.

Unable to tailor the business needs:

The purpose of an HR software is to support key HR activities. And your software must possess some level of adaptability to tailor your business needs which is not possible with outdated systems. Such systems often require a lot of manual inputs. If you are in the same boat, it is the peak time when you need to either update your current software or look for a new one.

Poor security:

The data breaches are very common these days. The breach in Facebook’s data has shaken the world and raised a very important question, ‘Is my data really safe?’ Security is one of the fastest growing concern after such incidents. In the era of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the term security will be more important than ever. Figure out whether your tool is following the guidelines of GDPR or not.

Limited functionality:

The HR software came into the existence because of the limited functionality offered by the old-fashioned tools such as MS-Excel or spreadsheets. Improved and upgraded HR software enables you to overcome this. Always go for an HR software that performs multiple tasks. Be sure, you have a software that performs multiple HR tasks.

So, friends, these are the three important signals that clearly indicates your HR software is outdated. Technology waits for none. Don’t be like Nokia.

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