4 Simple Tips for Promoting a Healthy Work Culture

4 Simple Tips for Promoting a Healthy Work Culture

As employees have turned out to be the most important asset for any organization, especially those dealing with services, HR professionals have recognized the importance of promoting an enthusiastic office culture. Companies that fail to do this, make their staff feel undervalued and struggle hard to retain them. Well, it’s true that monetary incentives are the highest motivator for professionals, today they also seek a positive work environment. The office atmosphere can dictate how the staff acts and feels on the job. But this ambitious term work culture is not limited to structural surroundings, and it also envelopes the people and the mood that they feel while at work. Remember employees’ ability to focus and stay efficient, happy, and productive depends on how comfortable they feel in their organization. That feeling comes from liking what they are doing and getting a sense of pride in being an indispensable part of the organization. In this blog post, we have suggested some great ideas focusing on which you can create your ideal work environment to optimize your workforce productivity.

Hire Smart

Being an HR manager, it’s important for you to hire the right employees as a rotten apple spoils the barrel. While looking for a potential hire, it’s important to think of how that individual will add value to the business. For selecting the right candidate, you must look for the important skills. Apart from this, make sure that you hire someone who is a self-starter and does not rely on micromanagement to work efficiently. Also, be sure that the person is passionate about their work. Having an enthusiastic employee will add value to your office atmosphere as motivation is contagious.  So, while interviewing potential candidates, ensure that you ask them about their ambition and where they see themselves in the future.

Always Measure Your Employees Engagement

Tracking employees’ behavior has become more important than ever because it gives a real insight into how a company is working. HR professionals can conduct surveys and face-to-face interviews to gain insight into how an employee feels about their work and their colleagues. Such personal and group interactions can also be an important tool to gauge whether each individual is performing to its fullest capacity. Apart from this, it can help you to point out the red flags within the organization.

Keep Your Employees Informed

Employees want to feel like an indispensable part of the organization they are working with. And, they want to align their professional growth around the key goals of the company. Thus, it’s important to keep them informed about the big challenges and opportunities lying ahead. Also, you can bring each employee on a journey to grow and evolve with the company. Besides this, show them that you care for their well being and career development.

Encourage Efficient Work – Not More Work

Many organizations think that working more is equivalent to being more productive. But that’s not the fact; rather, working for long hours has proved to be devastating for employees’ morale. A report by the Mental Health Foundation suggests that when working long hours, 27% of individuals feel depressed, 34% feel anxious, and 58% feel irritated. So, being an HR manager, you should abstain from encouraging your employees to work for longer hours. Instead, motivate them to work more efficiently.

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that no one wants to work in a cage and feel like a prisoner. Instead, employees enjoy working in a fun environment. Promoting such an atmosphere can help in retaining the current workforce. Moreover, professionals who share a positive work environment with your organization are more likely to refer others.

In case you are still unable to create an environment where team members are productive, happy, encouraging, feel free to ask our experts for suggestions. Moreover, we also recommend you to opt for our recruitment software that will take this process to the next level.

Planning For Improving Candidate’s Experience, But How?

Good to hear that you are planning strategies for improving candidates’ experience. It is really great you think about it. But how? Perhaps this question is revolving around your mind the time you think about it. After all, the candidates are the one who is going to be the future employee. Therefore, it is just to take care of them from the time they applied for the job. The article will suggest some amazing ways on how can you in touch with candidates and how you can improve their experience.

  • Must have an automated message saying “we received your application”:

There is always a curiosity to know whether the form has been submitted or not. This is a human tendency, we like acknowledgments. Candidates also want to know their application is submitted or not. For this, you can set up an automated message which will pop-up when the candidate completes his/her form.

It is the must. It is always great to know what is the process followed by a company for recruiting. And the website is the best platform to know the complete process. Add all the required information on the website. Some company also conduct self-assessment test in order to hire candidates who perfectly fit according to the work culture.

  • Always in touch with the candidates:

Good communication is a success mantra which is applicable in every field. It is recruiters responsibility to remain in touch with the candidates the time when they applied for the post. They should be informed about the status of the interview. It is great to provide feedback on the interview with the candidates.

  • Send “Welcome to the team message”:

If the candidate gets hired. Greet the candidate with a welcome message. It helps in building a healthy relationship even before the candidate enters into the office.

Hope, you will follow the mentioned tips and improve candidates’ experience. Share your ideas in the comment box.

4 Awesome Tools Recruiters Must Need


The role of recruiters has become more important than ever. Perhaps one of the major reason is a fast-paced digital era where we are living. Being a recruiter, only conducting interviews and hiring people is not enough, it is also important to find talents that drive the company in forwarding direction by keeping up with the pace.

Recruiters are one of the most important pillars of a company. If employees are heart and engine of the company, recruiters are the one who figures out the quality of the engine and hired it. If you are a recruiter, it is must for you to hire the best talent for your company. In this article, I am going to mention 4 amazing tools that will help you keep up with the market’s pace.


It is another amazing tool for HR recruiters. Prophet helps you to get information and contact details of the candidates. It helps you to drive a list of hundreds of candidates. But not all of them are useful. It is not possible for you to call everyone for an interview. You have to sort out those candidates who perfectly fitted for the job profile.

Here comes the role of Humantelligence. It is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool which saves recruiters time and effort by eliminating the candidates who are not fit for the job. It provides complete insights of the candidate based on self-assessment test. Based on the insights, recruiters can call only suitable candidates for face to face interview.


In order to contact potential candidates,  the first thing you need is their contact details. The Prophet is an amazing software recruiting tool that you must take advantage of. The tool helps you in finding contact details of the potential candidates. When you look at one’s profile on Facebook, the tool will gather all the necessary information that is available on prospect’s profile from different social media platforms. The tool will search for his/her Twitter, LinkedIn profile and provide every information that you need to know about the prospect.


One of the major part of a job for any recruiter is sending emails to the candidates about the several job offerings. You did a lot of hard work in finding the list of emails and sending personalized emails to them. But how do you know who opens and reads your emails? Without knowing this you can’t move your next step.

Sidekick is a platform which helps you to find out which emails are being delivered, opened, read and deleted. That means you can simply figure out who are interested in your offer and who are not. This will help you to make your strategies accordingly. You can focus more on interested candidates and can drive better results.

Psycho analysis software for recruitment


Cognitive thinking of an individual is the deciding factor of the outcome of the situation that they are in, be it professional or personal. In today’s age, the race is more for saving time and getting the best resources available in the market for the growth of the company.

The major problem arises due to the pool of applications that come on a daily basis and then the HR need to filter out the best according to the requirement. The applicants have various different means to look for work due to the internet age that they are in but the HR is still not that updated with the new technological era.

The psychological analysis software tool not only saves time but also is able to get the target employee in the easiest most efficient way possible till date.  The tools are designed to find the right data based on the candidates’ job search and preferences.

In a one on one interview, the HR is in the dominant position where there is a fraught with problems of subjectivity, judgmental issues. The comparison is between a software specially designed to filter prospective employees and that of a human analysis.

Humans interactions can be biased due to several external and internal factors and the outcome could vary because of which the company might suffer by losing a suitable candidate.

The best way to improve HR efficiency is by giving them the right tools to work with, which are in accordance to the present day scenario.  Technology is the new mantra in today’s time and as they say, need is the mother of all inventions, it is high time HR departments update their hiring process by using recruitment software’s to be more efficient and thereby save a lot of time and money in the process.