How Growth of AI Impacts HR And Recruitment?

AI Recruitment Software

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise and is in high demand these days. In fact, many times we asked ourselves,  “could our job will be taken by the robot?” Isn’t it? Frankly speaking, last night I had a bad dream.  I saw when I reached the office,  my boss introduce me to a newly purchased Robot and said, Mr. We don’t need you anymore, we hired this Robot in place of you. It is fully automatic and understands things better than you. And the best part is, it will never ask me for a leave. So, you are fired!

Huff! what a nightmare. I got up from bed in fear.

Well, this is not going to happen. Do you know why? Because emotions, feelings and a sense of self-understanding is something that these AI robots can’t compete with us. So, human will be needed always especially when it comes to recruitment.

According to a report, 70 percent of recruiters find it is more easy for them to hire candidates if they have more driven-data and the advancement in technology and AI is a perfect solution to this need. Lets’ s see what are the roles of AI in recruitment and how it will help both recruiters and candidates.

  • It helps in reaching more potential candidates: Reaching potential candidates is just like climbing Mt. Everest- very difficult. Thanks to AI, it helps recruiters to gather all the required information about the candidates. There are a lot of tools which gather candidates information by driving data from their social profiles. Additionally, the driven-data is first-party data that is real and reliable.
  • It helps candidates to find better opportunities: The process of searching and applying for a job is very long. Candidates have to wait for a response from recruiters and this may take a long time. There are several AI based services available where candidates can register themselves and get calls from reputed organizations.
  • It will help businesses to keep track of employees behavior: It is always great to know how well your employees behave in the office. It is an important point that needs to be monitor regularly. AI helps employers to keep a record of employees behavior and patterns. There is such a tool by Humantelligence that helps recruiters to know the there social behavior of the candidates.

So, friends, these are some of the ways by which AI is impacting recruiting world. But again, it is not going to take over your job. They are human, that is the biggest advantage for us! 🙂

Need of an Automation Apparatus in Recruiting process

AI in HR

An Automation apparatus refers to the all in one platform recruiters can use to handle all the time consuming task in the recruiting process. This role is filled with the help of a Recruiting Software, which allows the recruiter to hire better candidates with the help of the features they provide.

Is it really necessary?

Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” –Bill Gates

Implementing the use of automated processes (Recruiting software) affect the recruitment process greatly. It reduces a lot of time consuming work of manual labour and increase the efficiency in the business.

Automated systems are helping recruiters on every turn. Enabling the recruiters to access the talent pool as big as the globe. It helps them to find the desired talent from anywhere in the world. They can be miles apart but still can find each other. The HR professionals can work together even if they are in different time zones.

According to researchers, the increase in the Human resource management in industries and the increase the following years will bring in HRM, is huge. So it is safe to say that we do need a platform that will help us in increasing our efficiency.

Types of automation apparatus

“Governance allows organizations to…achieve unprecedented automation.”-Dick Taylor

As the two sides of a coin the HR department also handles two sides of an organisation at a time.

The client side is handled with the help of a Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool, in which the HR department handles all the in-house jobs of an organisation for example, sales or transactions etc.

And the role of building a bridge between the HR department and the talent (job seeker) is done by Human Resource Management (HRM) tool. There are different number of HRMs available in the market. Some of the “MUST HAVE” features in an HRM are as follows:

  • Open vacancy management;
  • Ability to find new talent;
  • Tracing the hiring process of the candidates;
  • Work analysis of recruiters to generate Key Performance Indicator (KPI), etc.;

What does an HRM do to the recruiting process?

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.” -Eliyahu Goldratt

Automating the hiring process gives you certain perks. The recruiting software creates a database of the all the candidates who have applied for the job from job boards. This database can have different keys like, soft skills, hard skills, experience in the desired field and many more. This allows the recruiter to conveniently arrange the list of candidates according to their own requirements.

Some recruiting software are designed with such features where they can also get the idea of the candidate’s psyche with the help of assessment test. Integrated with artificial intelligence, this type of software can also do a deep social analysis of candidates and their social skills. This an extremely helpful feature which help recruiters mark down hundreds of resumes to only preferred candidates in one go, and saves a lot of time.

There are many more ways in which automation affects recruiting process.

From posting a job to maintaining interview schedules also creating a strategy for a better work environment in the organization. There are various features offered by different Automated systems.

In conclusion, the automation of hiring process gives the HR department the power to lead the organisation from a disordered environment to an environment of progress.


A day out of a Recruiter’s Life -‘Search, Analyze, Hire, Repeat’


The life of a workaholic recruiter can be summarised with the phrase “Search Analyze Hire Repeat”. The efforts put in hiring a talented candidate who will become an asset to the organisation, is no piece of cake. It takes hours of hard work to find the right candidate.

The steps a recruiter takes to hire an employee can be categorized in three categories. Searching candidates on suitable platforms – Analyzing the candidates on the basis of set criteria – Interviewing the candidate personally and Hiring the desired employee.

These steps only sound simple but the work put behind the scenes can only be felt and understood by a recruiter. But recruiters are not alone; they have their trusted sidekicks – Recruiting Software, which helps them hiring the right candidate.

Coming back to the topic of discussion, let us take a look at what a recruiter has to go through while successfully hiring the right candidate.

  • Searching for candidate

When the recruiters want to fill a position in the organisation they post the requirements on various job portals. The Job Description must be perfectly written to entice the right candidates.

The recruiter has to dive into a pool of data (resumes of the candidates) to get the right match for the open positions. It may look easy but going through each and every resume is not an easy task. To remove the fodder from the bunch there are various recruitment tools that recruiters can use to help them rummage through collected data.

After combing through the data and finding desired list of candidates the real battle starts in the next step that is analyzing the candidates.

  • Analyzing the selected candidates

Every Job position has some desired set of requirements that a candidate must possess. For example, a PR manager must have a good presence of mind so that he/she can tackle difficult situations in the spur of the moment.         

A recruiter’s job is to find out that if the selected candidate has the required qualities to justify the role they would be doing. These qualities are difficult to find out just by looking at the resume. Here modern recruiters take assistance from personality assessment tests.

These tests help determine a candidate’s EQ and help recruiter to identify if the candidate has those required traits or not. This is a very crucial step and takes the use of both modern technology and the experience of the recruiter.

After the rigorous analysis of each and every shortlisted candidate recruiters move to the next phase of the process.

  • Personal interaction before Hiring

All the planning and plotting till now take the battle into its final phase – the personal interview of the shortlisted candidates. Once the final list of the candidates is generated the personal interview session gives the recruiter the opportunity to gauge if the interviewer and the recruiting software are on the same page. This provides the recruiter ways to assess the candidate better.

The personal interaction also gives an opportunity to the candidate to know better about the organisation he is about to be a part of. This builds a strong and positive working relationship between the candidate and the organisation.

If everything works out well, then the candidate is hired and a valuable team member is added to the organisation ending the course of steps for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Now we understand how daily life of the recruiter goes. This course of battle is fought by recruiters all over the globe on a daily basis. The struggle to hire the best and culturally fit employee one after another goes on. Following the words said by Warren Buffett “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” But with all their heart, mind and body Recruiters pay a great deal to get the valuable candidates for their organisation.

5 Must-Have Features of a Recruitment Software


Before diving into the article, I have a quick question. How do you hire the best pool of talent?

I know its uphill battle to answer the question. Hiring the best talent has never been easy.

Do you know 75 % of the hiring managers believed that hiring and managing potential candidates has become more difficult than a year ago!

Recruiters have to face hundreds of problems. They must spend hours in scanning the resumes (manually- in most of the cases), connect, track, administer, and at the end onboard only the quality candidates. Apart from this, they also act as a social glue which keeps the management and the employees together.

In short, recruiters’ job is full of Burdensome. Isn’t it?

And this is the major reason of why recruiting software came into the existence. The software automates several HR tasks (screening, scheduling interviews, on-boarding, managing payroll and a lot more).  

But with so many software options available in the market, it becomes hard for recruiters to select the right one. Most of the time they choose the platform without looking at some must-have features.

To help you out in selecting the right software, I have list down 5 important features that a good recruiting software must possess.

1. Automates time-taking tasks


As I stated earlier, resume screening, candidate outreach, scheduling interviews are not only repetitive but also time-consuming tasks. That is why automating such tasks is a top priority.

Make sure, your software is capable to perform such tasks for you and drive the best results.

2. Web-based accessibility


It is not possible for us to take our desktop for a walk (I mean everywhere). People like to access services when they are traveling or even when they are not available in the office. It simply indicates the demand for services that are web-based.

It doesn’t matter whether the data is hosted on the clients’ server or the SaaS/cloud-based supplier, the service should be web-based. It must be remotely accessible.

3. Easy to integrate


Integration is a very important factor to check out while selecting a recruiting software. It is good to hear that the software you selected is good in screening candidates. But does it integrated with job posting sites?

Make sure that your software is integrated with job loads like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster etc. Integration saves your time. You only need to publish your job vacancy on one platform and it will be automatically posted on others.

4. Scalable in nature


For a business, scalability means your system is ready to handle exponential growth in data, resources, and work. It is a very crucial quality to look in HR recruiting software.

The software must automatically scale to accommodate the addition of new data, changes in data storage. This feature avoids the seasonal peak loads and contributes to the better user experience.

5. User-friendly


Complexity confuses users. Therefore, the software should be easy to understand and access. In short, it should be user-friendly.

A great recruiting software includes unlimited options for customization. Try to go with a software which automates the data entry as much as possible.

The purpose of HR recruiting software is to save HR recruiters time by simplifying many of their tasks (I already mentioned some of them). The software improves recruiters’ productivity and helps them in hiring the best possible talent.

With the advancement in the technology, both the recruiters and candidates have several options to connect with each other. And the recruiting software plays a vital role for recruiters in connecting with the right talent.

Next time, when you are in rush to opt a recruiting software, look for the mentioned features.

Recruiters! Be smart and go with the best (for both HR software and talent).

Let me know the features you are looking for in the comment section.