The HR’s Guide to Poaching the Right Candidate without Being Extravagant

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The success of any organization is heavily dependent on its workforce. So, being an HR professional, it becomes your utmost priority to hunt the best talent. Hiring talented and enthusiastic professionals cannot just improve your business productivity, they can also enhance the positivity and energy in your office. But in today’s highly competitive environment, attracting the right talent is not a plain-sailing task in light of the fact that professionals have got many options to choose from. So, sometimes HR managers have to spend a lot of money on sourcing suitable candidates. Well, recruitment is a costly affair that eats up a major chunk of the operational cost. And, it is estimated that hiring budgets of the company will increase speedily in the coming years. No matter whatever be your demand for quality professionals, hiring has not to be an expensive affair, if you follow a strategic approach for the same.  Here we have shared some tips for building a highly productive team without spending a big budget on recruitment. Take a look:

  • Create an amazing career website

The career website of a company is the best medium to source talented professionals. As per a data, about sixty-four percent of job seekers consider career pages as a valuable resource during their job search. Companies can go a long way in creating a steady stream of new applications by creating a career page that gives an in-depth view of company’s work culture, USPs as an organization, recommendation from existing employees, along with job openings. Furthermore, if they integrate the career website with Application Tracking System, then it becomes easier to manage the selection process.

  • Turn employees into recruiters

Your existing employees are the best sources of hiring. You may ask them to refer their friends. This will certainly increase your reach to potential candidates. However, if you realize that your existing staff demands bonus or incentives for this purpose, then you may try another idea. In that case, instead of having a formal employee referral program, you can directly approach the top performers in each department, and ask them to recommend some talented individuals for a particular opening. Most high-potential staff will love to propose their colleagues to join their company.

  • Source from internal candidates

There are various important positions within an organization that need to be handled by a trusted employee. In that case, it’s best to look for candidates from within the organization. One way to find out talented employees for the vacant position is conducting open internal interviews. You can also extend an opportunity to a staff member who is working since long if his track record vouch for his good performance. Well, in this way you will certainly save on hiring. And, as the internal employee will demand less salary than an outsider, you will also save on operational cost.

  • Recruit former employees

You can always consider rehiring employees who had left your company in the past for greener pastures. If the staff had developed a good impression of your organization while working there, then he/she can come back. However, in that case, make sure that you offer an attractive salary package. This simple idea will certainly go a long way in ensuring recruitment of proven talent, without being a spendthrift.

  • Reach passive candidates by posting jobs on social media

Sometimes, suitable candidates escape the HR manager’s reach because they already have a job. Social recruiting can help you reach such candidates who are not looking for a new opportunity but may opt for a job change in the future. You can target such prospective candidates by sending home feeds that will encourage them to apply for the position. When it comes to social media recruitment, you need to have a strong strategy at hand and make sure that the contents that you post will create a good impression on the individual’s mind. Even if you are not filling any specific positions at the moment, connecting with talented people on social media can benefit your business and your hiring team later on.

With these tips in mind, you can certainly go a long way in cutting the cost of hiring. Apart from this, we suggest you adopt the latest recruitment software as they will simply the entire task and improve the chances of hiring the right people. We the team of human-telligence has a dedicated team of technical experts that have already helped hundreds of companies across the world to enhance their recruitment process and accomplishing challenging hiring.

Five Most Significant Recruiting Trends That Will Rule the Runway in 2019

Recruitment Trends

Over the past few years, technology has brought a paradigm shift to the way HR managers work.  No doubt embracing high-tech software has made managerial functions a lot easier. But it’s still challenging to recruit top-notch talents for key roles in light of the fact that machines haven’t replaced us and the way we connect with others. Also, compared to the past decade, professionals have now got more options during the job search.  At present, the market is more candidate-oriented. That suggests companies cannot pick talent anymore; rather, best professionals select them on the basis of numerous parameters. Thus being an HR manager, it’s your responsibility to attract highly-skilled people to your organization. In this regard, the year 2019 will bring some amazing ideas that are bound to impact your recruiting process. Read on further to learn about a few of them:

Inbound Recruiting

Today, it’s not enough to post openings on a job portal and wait for the candidates to apply. After all, the demand for highly-proficient employees is far more than supply. So, it’s obvious that companies need to build their competitive advantage over others. Inbound marketing methods and strategies are a sure-shot way to make them win in this war for talent. They focus on communicating the employer value proposition and increasing the brand recognition, which in turn help in attracting, converting and engaging candidates.

Employer Branding 

As per a research by LinkedIn, more than 75% job-seekers check the company’s reputation before applying for any position. Hunting a suitable job has become equivalent to buying a new product. Instead of reading product descriptions and testimonials on different websites, candidates are turning to social media in order to gauge the company’s culture.  Thus, it has become important for human resource managers to promote the firm as the employer of choice to the desired individuals which the company wants to recruit and retain. In order to create a perfect employer impression on an individual’s mind, it’s important to carry out extensive research and generate strategic ideas to communicate effectively. In essence, it’s crucial to focus on the best talents’ expectations and create a set of unique employer offerings which will encourage them to become a part of the company.

Talent Relationship Management

Many business organizations have adopted Application Tracking Software over the last few years. But it is no longer sufficient to deal with the recruitment process as it only focuses on posting jobs, screening CVs, and communicating with applicants. Thus, it’s high time to adopt a TRM (Talent Relationship Management) system which will take the process a step further by offering better tools for integration with various means of candidate outreach and more comprehensives databases. Moreover, it can let you analyze the diversity of your manpower pool, and give you suggestions for changes, if required. Along with this, by using it, you can remain in contact with candidates who were not selected for a specific role; maybe they can be offered any other opportunity in the future. Plus, it helps in building and promoting present employees for filling challenging roles in upcoming years and evaluating their current skill gaps.

Candidate’s Experience

HR professionals across the world have recognized enhanced candidate experience as another extremely important recruitment trend for 2019. Experts say that candidates who gather a positive experience during the whole recruiting process are more likely to accept the job offer, reapply in the future, and refer others. On the other hand, after collecting a negative experience, the person will not just reject the job offer but will also share his poor feedback with their peers. Sometimes, even rejected candidates are far more likely to tell others not to apply to a company, by posting negative reviews on websites. Thus, hiring process, extending offer letter, and onboarding should be done to create a positive impression on the candidate’s mind. In this regard, HR professionals may also employ recruitment marketing strategies that aim to make a great impression on those candidates who may not qualify.

Social Recruiting

Social media websites have become an important tool to find, attract, and hire most qualified and talented candidates. As per a data, fifty-nine percent of employees use a company’s social media presence to select it as a suitable workplace.  Thus, social recruiting is not limited to posting current vacant jobs ads, but it also emphasizes on building a relationship with prospective candidates and encouraging them to apply for vacant job positions. While in the past few years, HR experts were mainly focused on using LinkedIn to find and collaborate with qualified professionals, today they are also embracing other important platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Human resource practices are continuously changing. And with, it’s inevitable to abreast yourself with the latest trends that will affect recruiting industry in the coming years. However, if you are still not able to acquire the technical proficiency in this area, then do not worry anymore as we have arrived at your rescue. Our highly-qualified team of engineers can provide you with custom-made recruitment software that will cater to your requirements perfectly. We can also help in upgrading your whole HR process by offering invaluable analysis, metrics, and reports. Just give us a trial, we promise you won’t regret this decision.

4 Awesome Tools Recruiters Must Need


The role of recruiters has become more important than ever. Perhaps one of the major reason is a fast-paced digital era where we are living. Being a recruiter, only conducting interviews and hiring people is not enough, it is also important to find talents that drive the company in forwarding direction by keeping up with the pace.

Recruiters are one of the most important pillars of a company. If employees are heart and engine of the company, recruiters are the one who figures out the quality of the engine and hired it. If you are a recruiter, it is must for you to hire the best talent for your company. In this article, I am going to mention 4 amazing tools that will help you keep up with the market’s pace.


It is another amazing tool for HR recruiters. Prophet helps you to get information and contact details of the candidates. It helps you to drive a list of hundreds of candidates. But not all of them are useful. It is not possible for you to call everyone for an interview. You have to sort out those candidates who perfectly fitted for the job profile.

Here comes the role of Humantelligence. It is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool which saves recruiters time and effort by eliminating the candidates who are not fit for the job. It provides complete insights of the candidate based on self-assessment test. Based on the insights, recruiters can call only suitable candidates for face to face interview.


In order to contact potential candidates,  the first thing you need is their contact details. The Prophet is an amazing software recruiting tool that you must take advantage of. The tool helps you in finding contact details of the potential candidates. When you look at one’s profile on Facebook, the tool will gather all the necessary information that is available on prospect’s profile from different social media platforms. The tool will search for his/her Twitter, LinkedIn profile and provide every information that you need to know about the prospect.


One of the major part of a job for any recruiter is sending emails to the candidates about the several job offerings. You did a lot of hard work in finding the list of emails and sending personalized emails to them. But how do you know who opens and reads your emails? Without knowing this you can’t move your next step.

Sidekick is a platform which helps you to find out which emails are being delivered, opened, read and deleted. That means you can simply figure out who are interested in your offer and who are not. This will help you to make your strategies accordingly. You can focus more on interested candidates and can drive better results.

5 Essential Things to Know About Recruiting for Newbie


Actually, the term ‘Recruiting’ is a professional or office-appropriate word for what I used to call ‘head-hunting’.  No doubt, it is a challenging job.  But it is a great job to have,  once you get command over it. If you are a newbie, getting the things is a long way off. Recruiting field is vast and as a newbie, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Here are five top most important things you should know to become a pro.

  1. You need to know real people

The whole concept of recruiting is based on how well you get into the real world. The best recruiters are those who are interested in meeting new and real people. Knowing and learning about them are some essential part of building a network of real people. If you are a solitary creature, it will be difficult for you survive in the world of recruiting. Improve your connections with real people.

  1. You have to help

Hiring candidates is a recruiters job but apart from hiring, his/her job includes taking care of the hired employees, helping them in knowing their job etc. The most important job of a recruiter is to place the right candidate at the right job position.

  1. You should use technical tools

Technology is helping us in every field. As a recruiter, it is very important for you to follow the latest trends in recruiting. For example, you can seek help  AI-based self-assessment tool to analyze candidates’ technical and other skills. The tool also helps you in judging candidates’ behavior and work ethics.

  1. You should be a social butterfly

I already stated above, if you like to work alone and don’t like to make new connections, recruiting is not a great profession for you. To sustain in this industry you must be a social butterfly. You have to build a huge network of contacts.

  1. You should be genuine

You should be genuine. It is one of the most important characters you must possess. You have to genuinely appreciate, have affection and enjoy with co-workers.

The hiring profession is simply a lifestyle more than a prominent job. One needs to understand this if he/she wants to make a bright career in recruitment.

So, friends, these are some of the essential things you must know if you are planning to build a career in recruiting.  All the best guys!