4 Awesome Tools Recruiters Must Need


The role of recruiters has become more important than ever. Perhaps one of the major reason is a fast-paced digital era where we are living. Being a recruiter, only conducting interviews and hiring people is not enough, it is also important to find talents that drive the company in forwarding direction by keeping up with the pace.

Recruiters are one of the most important pillars of a company. If employees are heart and engine of the company, recruiters are the one who figures out the quality of the engine and hired it. If you are a recruiter, it is must for you to hire the best talent for your company. In this article, I am going to mention 4 amazing tools that will help you keep up with the market’s pace.


It is another amazing tool for HR recruiters. Prophet helps you to get information and contact details of the candidates. It helps you to drive a list of hundreds of candidates. But not all of them are useful. It is not possible for you to call everyone for an interview. You have to sort out those candidates who perfectly fitted for the job profile.

Here comes the role of Humantelligence. It is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool which saves recruiters time and effort by eliminating the candidates who are not fit for the job. It provides complete insights of the candidate based on self-assessment test. Based on the insights, recruiters can call only suitable candidates for face to face interview.


In order to contact potential candidates,  the first thing you need is their contact details. The Prophet is an amazing software recruiting tool that you must take advantage of. The tool helps you in finding contact details of the potential candidates. When you look at one’s profile on Facebook, the tool will gather all the necessary information that is available on prospect’s profile from different social media platforms. The tool will search for his/her Twitter, LinkedIn profile and provide every information that you need to know about the prospect.


One of the major part of a job for any recruiter is sending emails to the candidates about the several job offerings. You did a lot of hard work in finding the list of emails and sending personalized emails to them. But how do you know who opens and reads your emails? Without knowing this you can’t move your next step.

Sidekick is a platform which helps you to find out which emails are being delivered, opened, read and deleted. That means you can simply figure out who are interested in your offer and who are not. This will help you to make your strategies accordingly. You can focus more on interested candidates and can drive better results.

Managing Remote Employees

Remote employee program

World has become virtual and so has work. It has no boundaries these days and can be done from anywhere on this earth. Globalisation has a lot to do with the changing working styles. It is not the traditional office boundaries anymore so the managers are not on your head to monitor the work or timings. The focus is only on the productivity and the task allotted to be completed.

A lot of cost also can be saved on inventory and  infrastructure but even this looks like a positive approach certain thing to make it a success:

  • Set productivity standards: It is important to set standards of the expected productivity so that it is not compromised and delivered on time.
  • Equip the employee: Avail them all the access to the required applications and training materials. So that there can be a proper communication forms to discuss if there the employee is stuck somewhere.
  • Proper governance: Email, instant messaging and phone/video calls can be deployed to resolve queries, offer help and get feedback. Weekly status calls or reports on task trajectory will help in project management and achieving milestones.
  • Acknowledge and resolve: Understand their concerns, issues, problems faced, working style, strengths, weaknesses etc. Make them feel important part of team and help in increasing productivity. A checklist can be created of the prerequisites to keep remote employees organized and efficient.

Well, involving remote employees in team is not just about saving office space, or less salaries, no additional operating costs etc.; it is about managing the resources both financial and people. It is all about productivity and achieving results. Technology has also created tools to manage remote employees. Action Management System by Humantelligence helps align and motivate employees around key specific strategic goals, delivering fast, measurable business results. Apart from other HR activities, it tracks individual, team and overall performance on assigned goals.

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