How to Engage and Retain New Hires?

Hiring and retention is an investment. New hires account for more than half of the talent turnover. Retaining this group means letting go of assumptions, and using the engaging power of learning and development.

As per surveys, only 44% of employees believe that their employer does a good job, bringing new employees into the organisation.

Expectation setting of a new hire is very important. The initial period is quite crucial for employees and managers. The impression developed in this period, has a long lasting impact on their relationship and performance. The well-executed on-boarding plan, helps develop employees’ strong bond with the company.

New employees bring new energy, and motivation to work. Employees learn the job skills, company culture and working patterns, build relations with teams, and establish a reputation for them. The supervisor has a direct impact on the new employees, and is responsible for shaping up the career of the new hires.

Employee engagement is very important as it not only leads to retention, but also enhances productivity of the team.

Ways in which a manager can improve the employee engagement and retention among new hires are:

  • Career Development Discussion
  • Provide Required Trainings
  • Offer Necessary Resources
  • Align With Company Culture
  • Encourage Them To Participate
  • Ask Their Opinion

A manager cannot compromise on the employee engagement activities for new employees, as this initial interaction will lay the foundation of new working relationships. Though employee engagement is a part of HR activities and companies are deploying tech tools for it, still the manager plays an important role in it. Action Management System (AMS) is a tool powered by Humantelligence, that aligns and motivates employees around key specific strategic goals, delivering fast and measurable business results. It provides actionable content, that allows employees to on-board more effectively and stay current with new processes, learning and programs. Moreover, it measures, teaches, and reinforces the behaviours that matter most to the company.

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