4 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

We all understand the struggle an organization faces to find talented candidates for the open positions. But even if they find and are able to hire the best talent the question arises are they able to retain them? Almost half of the business in the world accept that they are struggling with the attrition number. It is difficult for them to retain their best talent.

There is no quick fix to this evolving problem. Every organization aims to accelerate their growth and that’s the reason best talent will always remain a priority. Now it is just not the HR departments job to take care of the employee needs – in fact, the need of the hour is every leader and managers should come together and provide employees what they need to stay with the organization and perform.

Job clarity and priorities:

It is important to explain to the employees how why it is important to do their job with quality and how it is aligned with the company goals. They need to understand the importance of their job to remain focused and get the desired outcome. Job clarity will also help them to be innovative and exceed expectation.

Ongoing feedback and communication:

We all need feedback to improve and continuously grow. Remember the class tests and the surprise tests in school. No matter how much we use to hate them but they were the reminders to tell us how prepared we are for the final exams. Imagine there were no class tests and no midterm exams- directly the final exam to check your performance. It won’t be fair right – these tests and midterms use to help you prepare better, tell you where you stand and take steps accordingly. The more light and frequent the feedback is the more effective it is. It encourages employees to make small, manageable changes and improvements.

Developmental opportunities:

Nothing can be more demotivating then realizing that no one in the organization is interested in their development. It has to be a genuine interest every leader and manager must convey to the employees. Though not all the employee will get convinced that people at work are interested in their development, even then job-related training and development opportunities are instrumental in retaining employees. Development opportunities influence an employee’s decision to stay at their job. The budget cannot be an excuse as managers can coach and develop employees through regular, meaningful conversations and performance feedback.


Lack of accountability can affect employees adversely. Imagine a situation if only half of the chef in a 5star restaurant understood it is their duty to cook as per the orders. It is important to involve employees goal-setting and share continuous feedback to manage clear expectations and top priorities. This will keep negativity away from work and keep a good environment where everyone understands their job.



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  1. Interesting and objective article. Important to some managers, HR, Talent Dep. and others.

    Thanks to address the topic.

  2. These are great points. I think this article could be even more valuable with examples of ways to do each of these things in different environments. The chef at the restaurant is a good start! It’s for visualization as well as creativity in implementation.

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