Start recruiting with less subjectivity and more productivity.

Our TalentFit Recruiting tool uses a cutting-edge self-assessment with data analytics to streamline the entire recruiting process by 31%, eliminates subjectivity for assessing “culture fit”, and helps you hire for predictive performance.


HT Self-Assessment

Unlike a questionnaire that asks for opinions, knowledge or skills, we uncover the WHY, HOW and WHAT about people when it comes to work.

  • 15-minute online Self-Assessment that can be taken on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Its four lenses provide a holistic view of life priorities, work motivators, work behaviors and ideal work preferences.
  • Communications do’s and don’ts, informing how a person prefers and is able to communicate with others.
  • delivers off-the-shelf tips for leaders on how to motivate, lead, and communicate with every employee.
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HT Profile

Instant clear and valuable insights to maximize each individual's potential, that can be shared and compared with others to improve communications and build better relationships.


Talent Fit Hiring

A powerful Applicant Tracking System that allows companies to hire the right candidates, beyond their skills, but also for their fit to the Corporate Culture

  • Match new or internal candidates, not only for their skills, but also for predictive success based on fit with the company’s corporate culture, team fit, and/or hiring manager fit.
  • Create custom ideal profiles which hiring managers can recruit and benchmark against, saving countless hours in the filtering and interview process.
  • Compare a candidate profile against another candidate, against their potential team culture or the custom ideal profile you created.
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Culture Analytics

Find out the culture of your teams and overall organization so you can build a winning one that aligns with your business goals.

  • Identify and contrast cultures from best performing teams across the organization.
  • Uncover each team's strengths and build stronger and more collaborative ones.
  • Match job candidates to find the best cultural fit and fill team gaps.
  • Solve the existing conundrum as to why 80% of M&A deals do not deliver on the results expected.

Action Management System ® (AMS)

Align and motivate employees around key specific strategic goals, organization-wide, delivering fast, measurable business results.

  • Provide actionable content that allows employees to on-board more effectively and stay current with new processes, learnings and programs.
  • Measure, teach and reinforce the behaviors that matter most to your business.
  • Easily track individual, team and overall performance on assigned goals.

Pulse Surveys

Get instant and consistent engagement, business and market feedback from your employees

  • Easily deploy customized surveys to any segment of your workforce.
  • Conduct surveys frequently to obtain valuable, efficient and cost effective results on a regular basis.
  • Stay on top of the areas that need the most improvement within your HR strategies.
  • Increase positive company culture and allow your employees to focus in subjects with high business impact.
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Team Coach

Build highly performing and engaging teams.

  • Increase the understanding and connection among team members by contrasting their HT Profiles.
  • Provide mentorship and valuable feedback on a regular basis to increase development opportunities and engagement.
  • Host clear communications and increase collaboration with online discussion boards.
  • Support new employees with comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success.